Zmirah Chorale

Connecticut Z'mirah Chorale

Come sing with us! If you are an experienced choral singer who loves all kinds of Jewish music and wants to learn and share in this great treasure, please contact us — see below— to confirm the time of the next rehearsal. We have room for more voices!

Contact us: If you have questions or comments about CZC, want to be added to our mailing list, or would like to support us in some way, please contact Dr. Kevin Mack at (203) 230-1051, or e-mail K. Mack.



Avodat Hakodesh: Yihyu L'rotzon (1934)    Ernest Bloch

Hinei Ma Tov (2001)    Erik Contzius

Yism'chu from Three Hasidic Songs (1963)    Harry Coopersmith

Hassidic Service (1954)    Isadore Freed

Adon Olom (1897)    E. Gerowitsch

Shalom Aleichem (1925)    Israel Goldfarb, arr. Gil Aldema

Hashkivenu (1942)    Max Helfman

Psalm 98 (1931)    Reuven Kosakoff

Mi Shebeirach (1978)    Lisa Levine, arr. A. Higgins

L'Cho Dodi (1882)    Louis Lewandowski

Pitchu-li Sha'arei Tsedek (1958)    N.S. Melamed, arr. Mark Lavry

Barchu (pub. 1623)    Salamone Rossi

The Lord is My Shepherd (from Requiem) (1986)    John Rutter

L'cha Anu Shira: Shalom Rav (1973)    Ben Steinberg

Kiddush (1946)    Kurt Weill

Shirat Atideinu (a Sabbath Eve Service) (1966)    Arthur Yolkoff

Celebration of Israel

T'filah (1990)    D. Burger, arr. M. Lazar

Hora (1941)    J. Chajes

Hava Nagila     arr. D. Faktori (1976)

Erev Shel Shoshanim    J. Hadar, arr. Klebanow (1986)

Lu Y'hi (1973)    N. Shemer, arr. Abba Caspi

Yerushalayim Shel Zahav (1967)    N. Shemer, arr. Aldema

Simchu Na (1952)    M. Weiner, arr. L. Bernstein

Uri Tsiyon (1959)    M. Wilensky

Halicha L'Kesaria (1951)    David Zehavi, arr. Richard Hereld

In English

Help Us, O Lord (1921) from Four Motets    Aaron Copland

Have Mercy on Us, O My Lord (1921) from Four Motets    Aaron Copland

Zion's Walls (1954)    Aaron Copland, arr. G. Koponen

Walking in the Spirit (1989)    Mark Hayes

We Remember Them (1999)    Donald McCullough

Sondheim! A Choral Celebration (2000)    Stephen Sondheim, arr. Mac Huff


Durme Durme   Spanish folk tune, arr. Gil Aldema

La Rosa (1970) from Six Sephardic Folksongs, arr. Paul Ben-Haim

Morenica (date unknown)    Sephardic Romance, arr. Yehezkel Braun


A Zemerl Aza (date unknown)    B. Schaechter-Gottesman, arr. Eleanor Epstein

Az Der Rebbe Geht     Hassidic folk song, arr. A.W. Binder

Az Ikh Vel Zogn Lekho Doydi (1997)    Traditional, arr. Joshua Jacobson

Mayn Rue-Platz (1994)    Russian Folksong, arr. Mark Zuckerman

Mir Trogen a Gesang (1931)    Leo Low

Rozhinkes mit Mandlen (1880)    Abraham Golfaden, arr. Zavel Zilberts

Tum Balalayke     Russian Folksong, arr. Mark Zuckerman


Arise & Be Free (A Suite for Chanukah) (1989)    Traditional, arr. Steve Barnett

Al HaNissim (1991)     D. Frimer, arr. J. Jacobson & H. Netsky

Borukh ate (1995)    Solomon Golub, arr. B. Schaechter

Candle Blessings for Chanukah     arr. J. Jacobson & H. Netsky (1990)

Ocho Kandelikas (1990)     Flory Jagoda, arr. J. Jacobson

HaNeiros Halawlu (1889)     L. Lewandowski

Maoz Tzur     B. Marcello, arr. A. Kaplan (1967)

Light One Candle (1983)     Peter Yarrow, arr. Robert DeCormier